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Cut lost time costs in half

VocWorx is founded on the principle that early intervention 
is the key to optimizing outcomes for lost time cases

To refer a case:

  • Call 1-888-VOCWORX (862-9679)

  • Online, click here

Rethinking the traditional approach

VocWorx optimizes the traditional two pronged approach to case management, Medical and Legal case management, by incorporating Vocational Case Management early on in a case.

VocWork Triad
Did You Know


The likelihood of injured workers returning to work increases1.98 times when Vocational Rehabilitation was mandatory.


Injured workers who were referred to Vocational Rehabilitation within the first 6 months is 1.52 times more likely to return to work.


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Vocational Expert Florida

Vocational Analysis

  • Remote 3 point contact

  • Work history assessment

  • Disability guidelines

  • Report with recommendations

Vocational Expert Florida

Vocational Counseling

  • Vocational Counselor monitors injured worker

  • Vocational Counselor conducts follow up with injured worker based on recommendations

Vocational Expert Job Analysis Florida

Job Analysis

  • Alternate duty job analysis

  • Regular duty job analysis

  • Pricing based on half-day or full-day

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